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DIAdem Version: Fashion123
DIAdem-Sprachversion: DE
DIAdem Erfahrung seit: 1999
Jobstatus: Selbständig
Geschlecht: Männlich
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"Innovation fast , Service best , Happiness most ", based on this vision, We provide a variety of latest auto led lights to global customers.
Gofeng registered brand Fastcar in both USA ,China And Japan. Gofeng owned a good reputation in market with advanced technology,strict management ,high quality products and shortest date of Delivery.Now days, Gofeng products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions like:Brazil,Denmark, Germany, USA,Japan,Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Malaysia and so on. Gofeng is not only in the forefront of product innovation and technical services, but also care the health and growth of the staffs , Gofeng set special “ Gofeng fund” to hold group activities each month, to provide high-profile yoga training in three consecutive years,aims to make Gofeng group work joyously and live happily.
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